We’re currently working on a new, improved and expanded book. The original SPEED is a few years old now, and while we are still confident it provides a unique and much needed approach to weight management, we’ve decided to stop printing it and offer only the PDF version for the time-being.

The “pitch page” has been removed; no sales mumbo-jumbo, no bullshit, no hype. You can learn all about our approach by visiting the New to DoingSPEED.com? section and related posts. If you decide you’d like to read SPEED, just come back to this page and click the button at the bottom to donate a few dollars.

All proceeds will go to a good cause, most likely the ASPCA, The Gentle Barn or maybe something like Responsible Charity. We’ll let the donations accumulate and decide then. Don’t worry, we’re not going to keep it for ourselves. We promise.